EICMA 2011: Öhlins S3 - the future of off road stability

Öhlins presents another sensational, innovative off-road product; the Öhlins S3 Selective Steering Stabilizer complete with a high quality triple clamp; next season’s must-have for MX and Enduro!

Öhlins Selective Steering Stabilizer

Öhlins Selective Steering Stabilizer

Öhlins Selective Steering Stabilizer

Öhlins Selective Steering Stabilizer

Öhlins Selective Steering Stabilizer

Öhlins Selective Steering Stabilizer

Created by the world famous Öhlins R&D department the new system arrives after intense testing. The S3 answers the feedback of riders the world over regarding the sensitivity of existing dampers on the market as the new product stabilizes the ride and thanks to patented technology; selects when and if the rider needs assistance.
In normal use with ‘safe’ steering the Steering Stabilizer provides no damping, giving a 100% natural feel of the bike and free movement of the front end. It is also tuned to not affect the rider’s movement of the bike while jumping.
However, when an outside force like a stone, rut or other object puts force to the front wheel the system activates instantly. Thanks to a torsion bar on top of the fork bridge, the outside force hitting the front wheel activates the valves in the Selective Steering Stabilizer. This sudden fast movement is filtered away and the rider maintains the control of the bike.

The Selective Steering Stabilizer is easy to use and no adjustments are needed as the system adapts to the forces affecting the front wheel. It is a solely mechanically and hydraulically designed system integrated with the special Öhlins upper triple clamp.
The S3 has already been tested by numerous top riders in MX, Rally Raid and Enduro with great results and will be available for all major MX and Enduro models during the spring of 2012.

Peter Andersson, Product Manager- MC at Öhlins commented, “The S3 really is one of our most exciting new products in a long time and we have been watching its development with much interest. Off-road riders can definitely benefit from steering dampers as not only can they help retain the correct line on a track, they can stop crashes and also reduce fatigue. The age old comment has always been regarding the feel when the damping was not needed and the S3 completely eliminates that sensation and is effectively inactive until needed.”

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