The System At a Glance

Lets get technical for a while. The entire 2WD system is based on the intricate movement of a hydraulic fluid through a closed system – moving forces from the rear tire to the front tire when grip is lost.

As long as the rear wheel has a solid grip the hydraulic fluid moves in the system without pressure. To be honest a rubber tire is always spinning but just in a very small, almost mathematical percentage in normal speed. The 2WD system comes to live as soon as the driver pulls the throttle and the rear wheel spin is increasing, especially MX rider where a spin percentage of as much as 50% is a pretty common.

The energy that is lost when the tyre is spinning is, thanks to the hydraulic pump, transported through the high pressure hose to the front wheel supplying the equivalent amount of torque that would have been lost in a regular rear wheel powered bike.
The system is self regulating and the transmission of torque is surprisingly smooth and gentle.

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