What was Yamahas goal with the 2WD technique?

Strange enough this, some what complex, system was a great help for the ordinary bike rider but not so much a unique racing product for professional teams. The 2WD worked better for a non professional rider because the average rider needs more “help” when driving and professional riders tend to have rather fixed riding styles that needs to be altered when driving with active 2WD.

Things got a bit more complicated when the first production bikes from Yamaha missed out to be homologized. It meant that the bikes could not be used outside the racetrack and this was perhaps one of the first, relay heavy setbacks in the projects.
Another factor why we didn’t go full steam ahead with the production bikes was the fact that Yamaha wanted to go slow as they were worried about the product liability aspects in certain countries.

But Yamaha were brave enough to identify the average user as a 30-40 year old enthusiast that wants more control and rider advantages when racing with his friends on the local dirt track back home. This was just as courageous as it was visionary.