2WD - The Complete Story

Checkpoint Öhlins got to spend a full day with one of the very few persons that have been an intricate part of the 2WD era at Öhlins Racing.

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Mechatronics - The Future

The Mechatronic revolution is just about to begin. Just months ago the system was victorious in the World Superbike... now Öhlins aims for the aftermarket.

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Why Öhlins is the No 1 choice in racing?

Despite Öhlins strong brand the company is still very small compared to the giants of the suspension market. Still Öhlins Racing has a solid reputation in the racing community and the prefered brand in most series.

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Lubrication is more important than you think it is!

Be sure to choose the correct lubrication fluid for your shock, front fork or steering damper the next time you visit your local service centre. Checkpoint Öhlins gives you the full insight!

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