Choosing an Öhlins shock absorber is simple ... since we have made the choice for you!

We can offer more than 300 different shock absorber models, each tailor-made for one specific bike. We can also offer a wide range of steering dampers and front end products from full Öhlins front forks to cartridge kits and spare parts. Everything made to improve the performance and comfort of your bike.

Shock Absorbers - Types and Adjustments

Start by finding out which shock absorber fits your bike. Then identify whick kind of shock absorber it is and which adjustment features.

S, T
Single or Twin tube design

36,39,44,46 or 50 mm
Piston diameter

E - Emulsion type
D - Monotube high pressure gas type with internal reservoir in main body
P - Montotube high pressure gas type with external "piggy back" reservoir
H - Monotube high pressure gas type, hose mounted external reservoir
K - Emulsion type for cruiser bikes
Q1 - Progressive damping with two pistons
W - Delivered without spring

Adjustment features

C1 -
Adjustable compression damping. Adjuster on reservoir
C2 - Adjustable high & low speed compression damping.
C4 - Electronically controlled (EC) compression damping
R1 - Adjustable rebound damping. Adjuster wheel on end-eye

R1 - Adjustable rebound with adjuster on the reservoir
R4 - Electronically controlled (EC) rebound damping adjuster
S - Hose mounted hydraulic spring preload adjuster
S1 - Electronically controlled (EC) hydraulic preload adjuster
B - Integrated hydraulic spring preload adjuster.
L - Adjustable length
Mechanical spring preload adjuster