There are primarily three factors we work with for hypersport:
Performance, Performance and finally Performance.

Hypersport bikes are extreme machines that require extreme shock absorbers. These motorcycles are manufactured so that they can be ridden both in normal traffic and on the track. But it is track riding that sets the standard.

We have cutting-edge technology that leaves no room for compromises. Using our many years of high-end racing experience as a foundation, we develop these shocks a stage further every year. There is always something to be improved in each component, every detail and all types of material.

It goes without saying that we base the design of each shock on the individual motorcycle model for which it is developed. But the “feel” is something we get from the race track. We test almost 100% of our shocks on the race track. We are also involved with leading racing teams where our technicians are faced with problems they have to solve under tough racing conditions. Solutions that later end up in your shock.

Öhlins shocks for hypersport are at an extremely high technological and functional level where we have included everything we can think of that you might benefit from. This involves, among other things, every imaginable option for external adjustment.

This is why you can find exactly the right settings to make you and your motorcycle a winner.