During the last couple of years, the Öhlins TTX40 racing damper has been a tremendous success, providing top results in the LeMans, ChampCar, WTCC series etc. The twin tube design providing positive pressure build-up has proven itself far superior to conventional techniques. Low internal friction, vast adjustment range and responsiveness even at the smallest strokes are amongst its virtues.

Now it’s time to bring TTX performance to a wider audience. Enter the TTX36. Based on last year’s successful motorcycle damper, which has proven its worth in international racing as well as national championships, the TTX36 is due to replace the old ST44 mid-range Formula and Sports car damper. Focusing on adjustability, durability and ease of maintenance, the TTX36 delivers the performance of a high-end product at mid-range cost. Utilising a twin tube design with a solid piston, all damping is generated in the external valves.
This means that the adjustment range is vast just from the turning the adjusters, and yet if revalving is needed, it can be done without having to take the damper apart.

The adjustment knobs are conveniently located on the cylinder head, easy to reach and offering a wide range of fully pressure balanced adjustments. Cavitation will no longer be an issue. Starting off with four different length varieties, the TTX36 can be fitted with 1,5” or 2” springs. The units are delivered without springs, spring platforms, end eyes and mounting spacers and packers.