Öhlins Autosport suspension stands for highest performance and is supplied by the manufacturers of GT3 cars such as Audi, Bentley, Nissan and Lexus. In Formula 1 and the Le Mans prototypes the front running teams trust in Öhlins quality and experience. Furthermore off-road Öhlins dampers are used successfully around the wold.

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For the many fans of our brand in the world we offer great merchandise items. The new collection consists of everything the real fan needs. T-shirts, hoodies, hats, stickers and much more displaying either our logo or our brand's trade mark 'Ö'. All items are available in the quality and reliability Öhlins is renowned for. Special highlights in relation to our 40th anniversary are the retro T-shirt and the stickers with our vintage company logo.

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Experience the Öhlins effect and our innovative state-of-the-art technology which is built into the DNA of every one of our suspension products.

Passion, Performance, Perfection. Three words that Öhlins live by.

We are Passionate in our love of motorsport, in our development of the best suspension products we can and in striving to give the best service for our customers.

We work with the world’s top race teams, most prestigious manufacturers and famous car tuners. They all demand the highest Performance levels; which we strive to beat in the laboratory and on track, every single time.

Our pursuit of Perfection ensures we develop products of the very highest quality and standards in the world.

Our extensive technology development of OEM and racing suspension finds its way into the aftermarket Road & Track shock absorbers in the form of innovations such as the Dual Flow Valve and the TTX technology.

Our aftermarket customers experience the latest racing technology, with enhanced comfort to improve day to day use when commuting to work. Of course when you reach the track it’s easy to change the settings to race mode and become a top racing driver!

Through our customer service network we offer the same level of customer service no matter if it is a professional racing team or a passionate enthusiast driver in their own pursuit of perfection.