This is how it works…

To have your suspension serviced by Öhlins Auto Norden simply follow this procedure:

  1. Please be sure to fill in all details in our service form and sent it to
  2. Your service order request is then received by our customer service and we will contact you shortly after via email with an estimate for the work. Please note that you will also be sent a suggested time for sending us the dampers.
  3. Once a suitable time has been agreed, you then send us your dampers for service.
  4. The dampers are inspected by our technical team and if needed, a final quotation is submitted. In case of damaged or excessively worn parts, we will inform you of the additional charge and await further instructions before proceeding with the service.
  5. Upon receiving your final instruction, the dampers are serviced within the allocated time frame.
  6. When ready, we will send back the dampers.

Servicing of products is in relation to exchanging oil/gas only. All other items (for example: seals, bushes, stickers) are treated as separate to the servicing work and must be requested as new at time of placing the service order. In case the product is heavily contaminated and needs to be cleaned to perform the service it will be cleaned and a charge will be added to your assignment. The cleaning can also be requested as an additional demand.


Öhlins Auto Norden pricing for service

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Öhlins Auto Norden Service

Öhlins Auto Norden Service